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Juliana Stancampiano (Oxygen CEO) on the turnaround, sales hiring, publishing her book, and managing energy

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Oxygen was in trouble in 2008. Juliana Stancamiano believed it could be turned around. A decade later Juliana has written a book, she's president of the Sales Enablement Society, and her business is serving clients like Microsoft, F5, Red Bull, Starbucks, and more. She goes behind the scenes on her lessons from the turnaround.

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On this episode of The Built in Seattle Podcast, I talked with  Juliana Stancampiano, CEO at Oxygen (oxygenexp.com)

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Guest Bio

Juliana Stancampiano is an author, business leader and strategist focused on helping business leaders and their teams modernize workplace education. For more than 15 years, she has helped leaders translate their company’s sales and business strategy into tangible achievements for people in sales, service and delivery, and retail channels, creating role-based experiences that help people succeed.

As CEO of Oxygen, Juliana leads her teams of consultants and designers to partner with clients in large companies across major industries, to help modernize the enabling functions that support sales, service and delivery. She has developed a unique perspective of modern enablement that spans effective hiring, end-to-end onboarding, and ongoing development that fits into the flow of work.

Juliana's book, Radical Outcomes: How To Create Extraordinary Teams That Get Tangible Results (Wiley) was published in January 2019. Her articles have appeared in HR.com, Chief Learning Officer Magazine, Training Industry, Talent Development Magazine, the Huffington Post, and Women In Retail Leadership Circle and she has been interviewed by Business Insider, Forbes.com, and Investors Business Daily. She has appeared on podcasts for Sustainable Business, Sales 3.0, and the Peggy Smedley Show, and regularly speaks to audiences comprised of leaders in Sales, Service Delivery, Customer Service, Customer Experience, and HR.

Prior to her role as CEO fo Oxygen, Juliana worked across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, while she was based in Munich and London.

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