Built in Seattle with Adam Schoenfeld

Craig Unger (Hyperproof CEO) on how to bring rigor to startup founding, market selection, and hiring

Episode Summary

Hyperproof has $5.8M of early funding and a growing customer list. Craig Unger, CEO & Founder, marinated the idea for 15 years, did over 100 interviews, and brought a high level of analytical rigor to every step of building his latest business. He shares his story and lessons from behind the scenes.

Episode Notes

On this episode of The Built in Seattle Podcast, I talked with Craig Unger, Founder and CEO at Hyperproof (hyperproof.io).

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Episode Highlights:

Hyperproof raised $5.8M early on and pilled up customer logos almost overnight. They made it look fast + easy from the outside.

It turns out it was hard…

The rigor and patience Craig had stood out in his story and lessons.

Guest Bio:

Craig Unger is the Found and CEO at Hyperproof. Prior to founding Hyperproof, Craig founded Azuqua and was a leader at Microsoft where he led the development of Microsoft Dynamics, Access, and Excel. He has 26 years of experience building software used around the world. Craig loves technology and he is addicted to designing software that delights and disrupts.

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