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Aaron Bird (Bizible CEO) inside the acquisition - how Bizible sold to Marketo

Episode Summary

Bizible had 8 years of grinding, $20M in funding, and 1000s of customers. Then a successful acquisition by Marketo. 6 months later Marketo gets acquired by Adobe for $4.7B. Aaron Bird, the former Bizible CEO, goes inside the deal process that unfolded over 2 years - the tactics, the big breaks, and the emotions.

Episode Notes

On this episode of The Built in Seattle Podcast, I talked with Aaron Bird, former CEO and co-founder at Bizible.


Guest Bio:

Aaron is an Seattle-base entrepreneur. Aaron was the CEO and co-founder of Bizible, the market leader in B2B marketing attribution and measurement. He led Bizible from inception, raised $20 million in venture funding, and grew the company with thousands of customers before Marketo acquired Bizible in May 2018. He joined Marketo as Senior Vice President of Product Management and then was VP of Product at Adobe following their acquisition of Marketo. He has been building innovative marketing and ad tech products for 20 years. Aaron also held various roles in Bing and Azure groups at Microsoft, before co-founding Bizible.

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